Top 10 ways to reduce wrinkles

Once the process of aging starts the first thing that comes up is wrinkles. On top of that the first place where it starts appearing is the face. People seeking ways to reduce wrinkles can try out following ticks to reduce wrinkles:

  • Avoid sun: Exposure to sun is known to be the biggest cause of wrinkles. There have been different researches that prove that wrinkles tend to increase with exposure to sun and one should take proper precaution from exposure to sun to reduce the wrinkles.
  • Wearing sunscreen: Wearing sunscreen is known to be very effective as this protects the skin from various diseases and protects the layer of skin.
  • Reduce smoking: Smoking is another activity that leads to increase in wrinkles. Smoking stimulates the aging process and the layer of skin starts getting damaged faster. This in turn increases wrinkles. Smoking releases an enzyme that breaks elastin and collagen. Researches suggest that people who smoke suffer from wrinkles 40% more than those who don’t smoke.
  • Having adequate sleep: Almost all the dermatologists in the world say that stress and less sleep increases wrinkles. Stress shows on the skin faster and starts affecting the face. If people are not able to sleep properly then it will automatically make the skin loose its elasticity and there will be an increase in wrinkles.
  • Sleeping on the back: Along with good sleep one should also focus on having a good posture while sleeping. There are certain positions that can lead to sleep lines on the face and start creating wrinkles. One should try to avoid those positions and try to sleep on the back. If the face is down then this will give the face a furrowed brow look.
  • Don’t squint: People should avoid squinting to make the face wrinkle free. Improper facial movement and overworking the facial muscles can lead to lines beneath the skin’s surface. If people stop squinting then they there will be less chance of wrinkles appearing on the face.
  • Eating fish: Eating fish is known to be good for the face and the skin. It is known to be a great source of protein and is known to be the building block for skin. Eating more and more fish provides proteins and helps in getting rid of wrinkles.
  • Eating more soy: The research is still on but most of the studies suggest that eating good amount of soy can help in reducing wrinkles. It provides nutrients to the skin and improves the structure of the skin.
  • Drinking coffee: Drinking coffee is a great source of cocoa. Cocoa contains high level of catechin and epicatchin. Both of these are flavonoids and are considered to be good for skin.
  • Eating fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables have good quantities of antioxidants and these compounds help in keeping the skin young for longer time. They surely keep the body healthy and give a good look to the face.

Wrinkles 2

The problem of aging brings wrinkles with it and starts affecting the skin. There is no exact secret to treat the aging process but some tips can help in keep the skin young for a longer time.

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