Take special care of sensitive skin!

Individuals with sensitive skin should strictly follow a sensitive skin care routine to keep their skin looking radiant and beautiful, while keeping it free of eruption and allergies.

While it is true that the skin reflects the state of health of an individual, it is also true that various other factors determine how the skin looks. While eating healthy and staying fit is the key to looking good and radiant, it is not entirely the matter with an individual with sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin need to be wary because even the slightest changes can cause their skin to break into allergies or eruptions. The change can refer to food habits or use of products. The complexion of such sensitive skin is also subject to going dull and looking weary when it is irritated by products or food that does not suit them.

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Abiding by a tight regimen for sensitive skin care, individuals with sensitive skin can keep themselves looking fresh and radiant at all times. Drinking water with lemon can be very effective as this helps in washing all toxins from the system and thus keeps the skin clear. Apart from detoxifying function, lemon juice in water aids in better digestion, reduces bloating. It purifies blood and in doing that improves the skin quality and makes it glow.

Sensitive skin is also prone to getting tanned on the slightest of exposures to the sun. Sunscreen is the only savior when stepping outdoors cannot be helped! However, not all brands offering sunscreens are to be trusted. The sunscreen should be strictly non-comedogenic and should be free of fragrance. However, higher the SPF, harsher is it on skin. It is better to use sunscreens with SPF 30 that blocks 97% of the harmful UV rays from the sun.

For sensitive skin care, it is best to avoid fragrant skin products as fragrances irritate sensitive skin. Such products should be chosen that have very strong anti-oxidizing properties and also anti inflammatory ingredients like marine plants, white tea, oats, and calendula.

The next thing that goes in to the list of sensitive skin care is diet. Spicing up the diet can really help an individual sensitive skin. The spices should have anti-inflammatory properties. Such spices include black pepper, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. These spices will have the effect of avoiding wrinkles and fine lines to appear on skin besides safeguarding against inflammation.

For exfoliation of sensitive skin, use home made products. Half cup of sugar when mixed with olive oil becomes a good exfoliating agent besides locking in moisture. After rinsing this, fresh squeezed lemon juice is to be applied, because lemon juice contains the AHA’s that exfoliate the skin naturally. After leaving it for five to seven minutes, it should be rinsed and moisturized.

Care should be taken not to over-exfoliate the skin. Harsh cleansers should also be avoided as these can strip the skin of natural oils making it harsh. The harsh cleansers contain chemicals that increase the sensitivity of skin and should hence be avoided.

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