Skin Bleaching & Its Effects

Skin Bleaching

In skin bleaching, a person uses different chemical substances to lighten the skin tone and reduce the percentage of melanin. Skin beaching has become quite popular in parts of Africa, Asia and even the United States.

Nowadays there are different types of skin bleaching methods available depending on the condition, skin type and budget of the person. People can choose from simple homemade preparations as well as costly surgical procedures to remove the blemishes. The main ingredient of any skin bleaching product is Hydroquinone which has already been approved by the FDA. The percentage of Hydroquinone varies from one skin bleaching cream to the other.

Skin Bleaching

Every person has a different skin tone and type. Therefore, it is vital for the person to test the cream by applying it on the palm or elbow to check whether it causes any allergic reaction. If the area starts to feel itchy and creates a burning sensation then the cream needs to be avoided. The best way to obtain a skin bleaching product is by seeing a dermatologist. The prescribed products by the dermatologists are bound to contain more amounts of Hydroquinone rather than products that are purchased from the counter. Most of the prescribed products are available with a combination of glycolic acid and Hydroquinone which offers better results.

Apart from pharmaceutical products there are many natural skin bleaching products available which offer excellent results. Lemon juice contains skin whitening properties and bleaches the skin in a fast and effective manner. Fading of dark spots happen quickly which offers the user with a fairer and lighter skin tone. Other than lemon juice, the combination of sugar and olive oil is a safe natural home remedy to get rid of dark spots and lighten up the skin tone. Orange peels contain anti-oxidants which is quite beneficial for the skin. A mixture of orange peels grinded along with fresh milk cream acts as the perfect skin bleaching product which can be easily prepared at home.

Surgical skin bleaching methods are generally non-invasive and involve the removal of tissue layers for new cell formation. These procedures are generally performed by licensed physicians and use of protective products is necessary so as to maintain the effects.

It has been observed on a number of occasions that people suffer from allergic reactions after suing skin bleaching products. For some people the condition reaches a critical stage where the pain is intolerable and severe. Swelling appears on the areas where the product has been applied and crusting of skin begins to take place. This kind of allergic reaction gives the indication that the skin bleaching product is not suitable for the skin type and needs to be stopped immediately. Some skin bleaching creams contain mercury which leads to poisoning and accumulates within the body cells. Use of skin bleaching products is not at all recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. The product can enter bloodstream and create various types of complications.

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