Red light therapy

Ohh!!! What a nightmare…. Getting up in the morning, one fine day and seeing wrinkles, under eye circles, dark patches and sagging skin. Even a hint of any of these signs of ageing is enough to start looking for immediate remedies. Well there is help to reverse this clock, which is not only cost effective but also with no side effects and minimum time consuming to gives back the fountain of youth. Welcome to The Red LED Light Therapy technology, a breakthrough in slowing down the ageing process and simultaneously rejuvenating the skin.

Cause for Skin Ageing

Normal healthy skin is something everyone wants but not all gets it, the reason being that our skin has components such as collagen for skin firmness, elastin for skin elasticity and glycosaminoglycans for hydrating the skin, which decreases in production year by year. This is called the natural ageing process of the skin, as a person reaches the age of 30; wrinkles start to form and the functions of the sweat and oil glands also diminishes. Then there are the external factors that contribute to the ageing process like over exposure to the sunlight, pollution, tobacco use and other environmental factors.

Red light therapy

RED LIGHT THERAPY- an overview

This technology was first produced by NASA and has many independent scientific researches backing its benefits. The ‘light therapy’ is known to give effective therapeutic benefits to the living tissues. The red light therapy helps in improving the skin tone and boosting the production of collagen which in turn reduces the facial fine lines as well as the wrinkles to give a blemish free, youthful, smooth and supple skin.

The best and the most effective way of delivering the red light therapy is by specially formulated florescent tubes which emit a specific level of wave length of the visible red light. These tubes do not emit any UV radiations. These tubes could be incorporated into any form; either on to a bed or in the form of a booth.

RED LIGHT THERAPY – Use and Claims

The red light penetrates deep in dermis layer of skin energizing the body tissues and increasing the blood circulation. This stimulates production of the collagen and proteins with a high elasticity level that repairs damaged tissues. It is a non-invasive, safe (non-significant risk) and natural method. A specific amount of red light can be safely used to penetrate our skin and enhance the cell vitality.

This method can be performed at home or in a spa or salon. It is best advised to get the first treatment under the eyes of a professional practioner. As the method is very simple and the equipment is also not very expensive this therapy can be taken at home. Sitting in front of the equipment for the amount of time specified and following the general rules and precautions, this therapy can give an even toned flawless skin.

For the therapy to be effective, these sessions will have to be taken regularly or as specified. Noticeable and immediate changes occur within a week of starting the treatment and the end results vary from a person to another. After discontinuing the treatment the age may again start to show but after a certain length of time depending on the care and precaution taken. A retreatment may be necessary in most cases.

Red light therapy 1

The red light therapy is also effective in treating skin problems, impaired blood circulation, non-seasonal depression, sexual dysfunction, sleep disorder, etc. in short it is the whole body wellness program.

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