Nocturia, also known as Nycturia, is a discomforting disease that gives urinating sensations to the person in the night which makes them to wake up from their sleep. It is common in both men and women and is more common in old people. People above 60 suffer the most from it – the frequency of urination during the day increases too. Two toilet trips every night and seven to eight trips during day is usual for the sufferers of this condition.

The word ‘Nocturia’ comes from Nocturnal Polyuria which means over-production of urine at night. In women, menopause, child birth or Pelvic Prolapse can give rise to this condition. Generally, prostate in women get enlarged which pushes the tubular structure and stops complete evacuation from the bladder. This disorder is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. In men, besides Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, the condition also occurs due to drinking large amount of liquid before sleeping and consumption of alcoholic or caffeine. Children mostly have this medical condition until they are ten, after which it is cured.


Nocturia is frequently experienced by those who have previously suffered from bet-wetting problems. The idea of accidentally wetting the bed makes people hypersensitive to the sensation of urinating. Another factor that initiates this condition is drinking large amounts of liquids before going to bed – it results in increase in urine in the bladder. Reducing the amount of caffeine and liquid before bedtime can fight this problem. In women, pregnancy could be the cause of developing this condition too and it resolves after childbirth. Other than that, medicinal side effects and disorders can also give rise to Nocturia. There are drugs that are directly responsible for the condition as they make the body produce more urine. In addition to that, drugs that treat cardiac disorders cause Nocturia as a side effect. Heart failure, kidney failure and bladder infections give way to the disease and the Diabetics are also unable to sleep without getting up to urinate. People with Sleep Apnea stop breathing for a few seconds while sleeping which causes them to wake up. This leads to light sleep and makes people get up to release the urine.


NocturiaOne of the major symptoms of Nocturia is getting up from sleep to urinate more than once during th e night. By and large, a normal healthy person is able to sleep 8 hours without any need to get up to relieve himself but the patients of Nocturia feel the need to wake up and take a trip to the bathroom which disrupts their sleep. Another symptom is that the person with the condition releases high volume of urine – around 2 liters and may be more. He is unable to hold it and is forced to wake up.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Diagnosis by the doctors is done by asking the patients the amount of urine they pass during the day and how often. Because it can also be caused by side effects of medicines and health disorders, he would also question the patient about his medications he’s using or other conditions he’s suffering from. A doctor conducts Urinalysis to check the urine for infection to determine if that is the cause.

Nocturia Symptoms

Once the patient is positively diagnosed of it, the patient is suggested medicines and asked to make lifestyle changes. There are medicines like Lasix, Bumex and DDAVP that are prescribed to cure the disease while the patients are also asked to reduce the liquid and caffeine intake and advised to take afternoon naps. For some, herbal therapy helps in treating Nocturia too. Proper treatment and diagnosis can help the patient recover in just a few days time.

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