Important Things To Consider For Post-Cosmetic Surgery Care

Cosmetic Surgery

Once you head back home after a cosmetic surgery, you will need follow-up care to ensure you recover properly. There are many factors involved in determining the kind of care you will need, so it’s better to chart a plan with the help of your doctor. Most of it depends on your age and the kind of surgery you have gone through. You must have gone through a lot of planning, done your bit of research, and asked for professional help before reaching on to the decision of getting the surgery done. Now, proper recovery might take a few weeks or a couple of days, so you need to follow a strict plan to ensure desired results.

  • You must have spent a considerable amount of money and now you want results. To get the desired results you will have follow the instructions as laid by the physician. Remember, your heath should be your prime concern.
  • Surgery patients need to follow some of these universally followed tips along with doctor’s recommendations.
  • Rest as much as possible and simply take it easy.
  • You must take in lots of liquids.
  • Avoid exercising hard and don’t even think about heavy lifting.
  • In case you had a facial surgery, you must keep your head in elevated position most of the time.
  • Don’t panic if a problem occurs. Simply call your doctor if an infection occurs.
  • It takes time to recover, and you are not going anywhere till the swelling subsides completely. So what are you going to do all this while? You can spend some quality time reading books or simply pass time by watching your favorite TV series, some movies or simply enjoy music. But, in case of an eye surgery or when your doctor has said no to all that stuff, you might feel a bit out of life.
  • So, it’s better to stay constructive. You can rely on relaxation tapes for the first few days, and then you may even ask your doctor regarding camouflage make-up. It’s possible to cover incisions through creative ways that do not come in way of your recovery. You must stay positive about your daily progress and improving appearance.
  • It’s just a matter of time, soon you will be back to normal, feeling ever more rejuvenated and exited about your new look. But, before that you need to ensure that your recovery phase goes smooth. You might stay uncomfortable and experience mild pain for at least 48 hours after your surgery. Don’t worry; this pain should go away quickly.
  • Stick to the medication that your doctor has recommended and must avoid anti-inflammatory medicines such as aspirin.
  • You must not smoke for at least one week following a surgery, and make sure that you stay away from second hand smoke as well.
  • You can get rid of the dressings only after 48 hours from surgery, but make sure to consult your doctor regarding this. You should only use antibiotic cream.
  • Don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight. Make sure you wear ample protection when you move out in the open.
  • You may use makeup after a week or two, but don’t let it come in direct contact with the stitches.

Cosmetic Surgery

Once you are back to normal again, you wouldn’t want another surgery for sure. So, in order to maintain your new looks for as long as possible you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Drinking lots of liquids, proper diet and sunscreen will definitely help.

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