Important Suggestions On Giving the Right Remedies to Bladder Infections

Bladder Infections

Bladder infection is commonly known as urinary tract infection which creates uncomfortable feeling to the affected person. This is caused by bacteria and once detected; remedies are easily available for cure. The inflammation and irritation in the bladder is often the cause of discomforts. The main symptoms for this illness is the burning sensation during urination, fever, bloody urine, the need to frequently urinate and certain pressure in the abdomen or pelvis.


  • Antibiotics: These are one of the most popularly used prescription medicines for bladder infections. However, doctors recommend patients to follow directions carefully when become less responsive and have learned their ways to avoid being killed off. Proper consultation is also advised so that patients will know the severity of their condition and their doctor will be able to suggest the right antibiotics for them. In most cases, oral antibiotics are given to those who have experienced a urinary tract infection for the first time. They are usually given a period of 1 week to take the whole medication which will last more depending on how severe the infection has become.
    Bladder Infections
  • Drinking more fluids everyday: This can help a person stay hydrated as he continues to be under antibiotic treatment. But these fluids must be non-caffeinated, so water can be the best option. If you have a urinary tract infection it is important to avoid citrus juices, tea, alcohol, energy drinks and coffee until your condition is healed. Drinking the wrong fluids can aggravate the symptoms of the infection or might block the effectiveness of the antibiotics that the doctor has prescribed.
  • Eating more foods rich in alkaline: Foods such as fresh vegetables, nutritious oils that include coconut and olive oils as well as nuts can also help. The alkalinity of the bladder will increase as the patient takes a lot of water and eats healthy and fresh foods. Some minerals like potassium citrate and sodium citrate will also help regain back the loss alkalinity of the bladder.
  • Pharmaceutical medicines with phenazopyridine hydrochloride: This can also help relieve the painful signs of urinary tract infection. The person with infection can also take a sitz bath or heating pad to keep you stays hydrated. Although some of the medicines, which can help ease the pain from the infection are readily available in the pharmacies, antibiotics are still required to totally eliminate the primary cause of the problem.

When To Consult A Doctor?

When you notice the symptoms of bladder infection, consult a doctor immediately because it is necessary for you to take the right antibiotic so that the problem will not get worse. If in any case, you have already taken medicines and noticed that there are newly developed signs like stomach pain, fever, vomiting and back pains, you must inform your doctor immediately.

During your antibiotic treatment, if you notice any unusual signs or feelings of discomfort you must not also hesitate to call for a doctor’s appointment and tell him about it. There are also cases when you have finished the course of your antibiotic treatment and after some days the symptoms occurred again, this time talk to your doctor as he might require you to extend your medication or suggest another way to stop the bladder infection and prevent it from reoccurring.

Finish the entire medication even if the symptoms of the infection disappear earlier. The length of time for the treatment will completely kill the bacteria which are the primary causes of the infection. It is always advisable not to take any medication without proper medical supervision. So, if you are looking for the right treatment for bladder infection, a doctor’s prescription can be your safest option.

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