Different Types of Hair Removal

types of hair removal

It is the desire of many women and men to have smooth hairless skin which turns out to be the latest trend observed these days. With the advancement of technology there are various types of hair removal techniques available both for women and men.

Easy Removal of Unwanted Hair from the Body

The battle for removal of excess hair from the body has been continuing since a long period of time. Women are mostly interested in removal of hair from different body parts like under arms, legs, bikini line, etc. Every person has their preferred method of hair removal which might include a combination of various procedures. Provided below are the different types of hair removal procedures:

types of hair removal

  • Laser/Pulsed Light – This is probably one of the most easiest and popular ways of removing unwanted hair from the body. In this treatment the root of the hair is destroyed and the hair falls of within gradual course of time. This type of treatment can be carried out in any part of the body and is best suitable for light skin and dark hair. Generally five to seven sessions are required for a person to get rid of hair from the body.
  • Electrolysis – Among the various types of hair removal, electrolysis makes use of some tiny needle which destroys the cell responsible for hair growth. This procedure is absolutely safe and can be carried out in any part of the body. Depending on the amount of hair to be removed, the sessions can vary from person to person.
  • Vaniqa – Vaniqa is a topical prescription cream which helps in blocking the enzyme responsible stimulating hair growth. As a result, growth of hair in the concerned eventually stops as the enzyme is blocked by the cream. This cream can be applied in different areas like cheeks, chin and upper lip. Application in large areas is not recommended because of difficulty and the cost involved.
  • Waxing – Waxing is perhaps the most common among different types of hair removal Nowadays, soy based compounds are used for the effective removal of hair from the body. This method is suitable for any part of the body and home kits are even available. However, care needs to be taken to make sure that the procedure is carried out in a proper to avoid skin rashes.
  • Shaving – People make use of straight or electric razor for removal o hair from the body. In this method, the hair follicle is not disturbed which means that the results are temporary. In this method there are few things which need to be taken care of to ensure that the shaving happens in a proper way. It is important to wet the hair thoroughly and shave in the same direction as hair growth. Repeated strokes need to be avoided and the skin should be relaxed while the shaving is performed. Shaving can lead to growth of ingrown hairs especially in black women.

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