Diabetes is a major disease affecting many people across the globe today. Figures estimated reveal that as much as 171 million people across the globe suffer from this disease. Also coming across people suffering with this kind of disease is common for us today. But the situation is worse off as there are many who have this disease and aren’t aware of. In order to be aware and safeguard against it so that it doesn’t make you suffer through out your life it is vital you know what exactly this disease is and what its symptoms are.

Diabetes also known as diabetes mellitus is a disease wherein the blood sugar levels of an individual increase. The food we intake gets broken into glucose which is the element providing our body with energy. Upon digestion the glucose passes in the bloodstream where the cells use it as a form of energy. However it needs insulin to enter the cells that is produced by the pancreas. Therefore, when people consume food, the pancreas releases the adequate amount of insulin required by the blood. At the time when a person is affected by diabetes this process gets affected wherein either insulin is not produced at all or the cells do not respond to the insulin produced.

Getting a brief idea of the complexities and the details of what Diabetes is, the question that arises is that “what are the symptoms of diabetes?”

Symptoms of Diabetes

Detecting diabetes and taking adequate remedies at the right time is very important rather than ignoring it and making the situation worse. Generally the trend is that people feel the symptoms crawling upon them but due to negligence and sheer ignorance it increases its umbrella of impact over the body. If not treated in the right manner and at the right time it can be a life threatening disease as well. Thus if one notices the symptoms of having diabetes it is very important that they take it seriously, abiding by the required set of precautions along with treatment.


The two very common types of symptoms are excessive thirst or urination. The fact that these two symptoms generally occur at the same time predicting the presence of diabetes is very easy. Also a person who suffers from diabetes usually is less on stamina and gets tired easily, the fatigue which people use to ignore as work pressure or busy lifestyle.

On many instances people go through a sudden weight loss which is clearly visible. A diabetic might also get the problem of blurring vision. However one clearly visible symptom pointing directly to the presence of diabetes in an individual is Numbness and that too very frequently. The primary reason for this to happen is that diabetes usually lead to nerve damage particularly in the arms, toes, and legs. In case one observes frequent numbness in any part of their body they are advised to consult a physician immediately. Most of the time diabetes leads to several changes in lifestyle and eating habits of an individual in order to keep the levels of impact under control.


Types Of diabetes

There are three types of diabetes but generally two are the most common ones.

  • Type 1 diabetes: This type of diabetes is an autoimmune disease that means the immune system of an individual turns against the body and attacks it. As per effects of diabetes is concerned the immune system of a body attacks the insulin producing cells in the pancreas resulting in little or non production of the insulin required by the body. However the cause of this kind of attack is yet to be figured out.  The general symptoms of a person having Type 1 of diabetes are excessive thirst, excessive hunger, excessive urination, and fatigue. A person suffering this type of diabetes usually requires taking insulin shots everyday or it might turn out to be a life threatening problem. In case this type is ignored and not diagnosed properly it could result in diabetic coma.
  • Type 2 diabetes: It is the most common type of diabetes which majority of the diabetics suffer. It is associated with history of diabetes, old age, obesity, and physical inactivity. A fact which is to be noted is that 80% of the Type 2 diabetics suffer from the case of being over weight. Under this kind of diabetes the insulin produced in the pancreas is not used effectively by the body. The symptom for this kind of diabetes appears gradually which is the reason that some people don’t even realise its presence.
  • The third kind of diabetes is known as the Gestational diabetes that occurs in women at the time of pregnancy. The reason for this is the hormones of pregnancy and the lack of insulin within the body. On most occasions this kind of diabetes disappears once the child is born. However the concerned women may have 40% to 60% chances of catching up diabetes in the period of next 5-10 years. Therefore they should be well aware of what developments and problems are arising in their body.

Diabetes by no means is a disease which is a dangerous disease, however if detected at the initial levels can help the concerned person to be fit and away from the further expansion of the disease within the body. In many cases where it has not been taken care of at the initial levels or proper care has not been taken in order to be safe it has become life threatening for few people. Therefore a diabetic can lead a normal life with some restrictions, precautions, and proper medications.

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