What is Round Ligament Pain?

The uterus which is surrounded by round ligaments tends to grow during pregnancy. As a result of that, the ligaments thicken and stretch to support and accommodate the uterus. This causes pain on either sides or one side of the hip or abdomen area. The pain generally occurs during 2nd trimester of pregnancy. The pain commonly occurs as a stabbing pain or as short jabbing feeling when the person tries to change position. Simple activities like getting off the bed, getting off the chair, or rolling in bed can cause this pain to happen. Some pregnant women also complain of pain in their groin areas. This is an internal pain and considered to be absolutely normal during pregnancy.   Read more about What is Round Ligament Pain?

alcohol during pregnancy effects

How safe is consuming alcohol during pregnancy?

There are many women who wish to know if it’s safe to drink alcohol during pregnancy. The advice they may receive from different individuals could be far more confusing. There are doctors who recommend avoiding intake of alcohol to women who are pregnant, while there are some who would say that light occasional light intake might not harm the baby at all. The same trend might be visible among the friends and family members. Read more about How safe is consuming alcohol during pregnancy?