Duodenitis: Definitions, Complications, Causes, Precautions

Duodenitis is an immensely discomforting condition which affects people all over the world. In this disorder, upper section of your small intestine between stomach and jejunum or the duodenum suffers inflammation. Usually, this condition is accompanied by other disorders like gastritis, Hepatitis or Dyspepsia. Gastritis and Duodenitis both have same symptoms, causes and even treatment. While Gastritis swells up the stomach lining, Duodenitis causes inflammation in the small intestine. As much as 5-9% of the people with Upper Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage succumb to Duodenitis too but the good thing about it is that with treatment, the disease resolves in a week in most of the cases. However, if it is a parasitic or bacterial infection that is being treated with antibiotic, the recovery time is expected to be around 2 weeks. Read more about Duodenitis: Definitions, Complications, Causes, Precautions

AKATHISIA: Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Precautions

In 1950 when antipsychotic medicines were first given to treat schizophrenia, patients started complaining of certain neurological side effects (an adverse or unwanted secondary effect). One of these is akathisia (psychomotor restlessness). In medical terms ‘it is an involuntary movement disorder’. The sufferer has a strong urge for moving, without getting any relief after the movement. They have an intense sense of restlessness, agitation and anxiety. As these feelings are hard to describe the diagnosis for akathisia gets very difficult and is often misdiagnosed. Even antidepressants, antiemetic, antihistamines, and psychoactive substances can cause this side effect. The word akathisia is derived from Greek meaning ‘without-not-sitting’. Read more about AKATHISIA: Causes, Symptoms, Cure, Precautions


Insomnia: Causes, Precautions, Symptoms, and More

Having a hard time falling asleep? Waking up frequently from sleep? These could be the signs of insomnia. It is a type of sleep disorder wherein an individual experiences difficulty in initiating sleep or maintaining it. Insomnia can cause innumerable problems like lack of energy, mood swings, less concentration power, etc. In short it can affect the quality of life. Read more about Insomnia: Causes, Precautions, Symptoms, and More