Boosting hair regrowth with a head massage

Head Massage

Everyone wants beautiful, long and healthy hair but very few possess it. Hair loss or a receding hair line can be caused due to various reasons like an unhealthy life style, the harsh chemicals in shampoos, the UV rays, an internal medical condition, etc. It has been proved time and again that a proper head massage along with curing the underlining reason for hair loss has promoted hair regrowth.

Advantages of Head Massage

Head Massage Head massage when done in a proper manner and with the right ingredients can be very beneficial to the overall well being of the person. A head massage promotes hair growth as the massage increases the blood circulation to the brain and hair follicles, relieves the person from stress and tension and also opens the pores of the scalp. A regular massage of the scalp stimulates the hair follicles and the hair is nourished which makes them strong and beautiful to look at. They can be easily maintained as the problem of fizz and split ends are also taken care of.

Right Methods of Head Massage

The right method to massage the head is to take warm oil and rub it on the scalp with the help of finger pads. Then slowly applying pressure with the fingers knead the oil into the scalp through circular motion. This boost the circulation system and increases blood supply to the hair follicles promoting hair growth. Rubbing the oil into the scalp is also done as it relieves the person from stress, strengthens the hair roots and conditions the scalp. When both the actions are performed on a regular basis a lovely mane will be noticed in a very short duration. After massaging the oil into the scalp the hair can be washed after 30 minutes or longer. Wrapping a hot wet towel after the massage further enhances the benefits of the oil and even softens the hair.

Types of Oil to be used for Head Massage

Head Massage The type of oil used for the massage is also important. Normally coconut oil, sesame oil and almond oil is used but when the condition of the hair is bad then mixing some essential ayurvedic oil  nourishes the scalp and promotes hair re growth. Massaging the scalp, hair and neck with hair friendly herbs has a number of benefits. This massage conditions the scalp, prevents dry flakes, increases pliability, nourishes the hair shaft, reduces stress, relaxes the mind and the nervous system, prevents premature graying, and relaxes the muscles to promote sound sleep. Essential oils like thyme, rosemary, lavender, cedar wood, jojoba and grape seed have been used over centuries for thicker and healthier hair. It should be noted that a patch test should be done before using these oils to check for allergic reaction. Aromatherapy is another form of head massage which when done under proper guidance and given time and patience can treat the problem with a few months.

Apart from this remedy a healthy diet, sufficient intake of water and a good sleep further enhances the growth of hair.

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