Blocked Nose

Blocked Nose

Almost everyone gets their nose blocked at least two times a year. It doesn’t matter which part of the Earth you are at, blocked nose will get to you eventually. Obviously, it doesn’t happen out of the blue; the reasons vary and the reaction of the victims to it too. For some, it is just a pain in the nose while others find it very comfortable. Not being able to breathe properly is a big thing, as anyone can guess. Interestingly, blockage in the nose is one of the oldest sicknesses in the history – generations have been trying to tackle it. It interrupts smooth breathing and frankly, that is just plain irritating. Not to forget, breathing from your mouth is unnatural and uncomfortable.

Causes Of Blocked Nose

Blocked Nose

As it is believed by most of the people, cold is not the only reason your nose gets clogged up. There are many other causes of nose blockage.

Infection – Infection by a virus is a very common reason of blocked nose. Any human being suffers from common cold at least thrice a year and this common cold gives lead to nose blockage. The virus is easily transmitted through air which makes the illness communicable. These viruses make the infected body produce more histamine which increases flow of the blood of the sufferer’s nose, causes swelling and excessive production of mucus which lead to blockage.

Allergy – When you eat something your body rejects, it is not a good picture. People have allergies from all sorts of things from dust to animal hair. In case of allergies, the histamine is produced more and more mucus and congestion are caused in the nose.

Abnormalities in the nose structure – In few cases, it is seen that due to an accident or nasal tumors the bone or divider membrane in the nose gets injured and causes obstruction.

Pregnancy – Women who are expecting get blockage in their noses too due to high blood transmissions.

Clearing It Up

How to get rid of Stuffy Nose?

Fighting the blockage includes some very simple techniques that you might even be already aware of. Let’s recap, just in case. First of all, Vicks is your good friend in sickness – rub it on your nostrils and it’ll give you some relief. Breathing slowly and keeping your chest warmed work well too. Another trick is to take hot water steams breathing in deeply and clearing your nose. And well, just blow your nose and clean it up. You’ll feel better instantly! House remedies coupled with rest are often the two only things needed. Don’t your friends get you chicken soup whenever you are down with cold? Hot water and tea are just as effective too. For people suffering from allergies, it is much better to avoid them altogether than spend a few days in bed, trying not to take a side. Turning towards one side in bed is not very helpful – keep straight and drink water.

It does take time to completely clear up but if you take necessary steps and prescribed antibiotics, you will feel more comfortable. Patients with structural abnormalities are suggested that they get an operation done to deal with the same.

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