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At HealthClubMag our writers refer to other online publications and journals to create well-researched articles. Our Objective is to review medical literature, published researches and guidelines featured on various websites across the internet.

Our Mentors 

Dr. Dinesh Tripathi

MBBS, Varanasi

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Dr. Gaurav Baranwal

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Masters In Medical Nuclide Techniques, Uppsala University

Uppsala, Sweden with Master Thesis from Imperial College, London, UK

Bachelor In Dental Surgery, Manipal College Of Dental Sciences

Manipal, Karnataka, India


The website contains health information and includes content related to medical conditions, treatments as well as advice based on already published information on the internet. While using this site and its content, you give your consent in regards to the application of the disclaimer below.

The primary aim is to offer relevant information which is responsible, correct and trusted. It further helps in improving communication between both patients and the medical practitioners. The content is merely for the purpose of information and should not be considered as a replacement for any medical advice. Hence no section of an article published on this website needs to be taken as a medical advice given by any of our experts. We believe each condition or health-related problem is unique to an individual and needs personal check-up and care. If you are having any of the medical problems discussed on the website, the information published gives a brief idea about what exactly it is and what are the possible treatment options. However, in every situation, we advise you to get consulted from a registered practitioner.

Our website doesn’t make any claims regarding the information published here for correctness and completeness. It is possible that the content published here is not always proven. Healthclubmag.com does not take any responsibility for the appropriateness and accuracy of the content. Any decision made by the reader based on the content presented here will be the sole responsibility of the user.

Our writers at healthclubmag.com are not healthcare professionals but are guided by esteemed experts who act as mentors for the research. The writers intend to conduct in-depth research based on the content and research published online on major health websites and journals. We provide references to each of the sources used to create a complete article.


The primary sources include information published on PubMed, Medscape.com, WebMd.com, and other Online Health Journals.

Editorial Policy

It is our endeavor to publish information that is scientifically proven and published on authority websites. It is not at all influenced by any sponsor, organization or advertiser.


Jonathan Weeks, Ishita Tripathi, Writvik Das, and Pawan Patel are health writers who conduct the research collectively and publish these articles citing references to the concerned websites. They do not work as a physician. Also, there is no organization behind healthclubmag.com that funds or influences the content featured on the website.

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