Rectal Prolapse

Rectal Prolapse

September 10, 2016 J Weeks 0

As the name suggest, it is a situation when the rectum, which is located above the anus and is the lower end of the colon, […]

Red light therapy

September 9, 2016 J Weeks 0

Ohh!!! What a nightmare…. Getting up in the morning, one fine day and seeing wrinkles, under eye circles, dark patches and sagging skin. Even a […]

Restless Leg Syndrome

September 8, 2016 J Weeks 0

A benign condition (neurological disorder) of unknown origin characterized by intense disagreeable feelings in the legs at rest, creating an irritating sensation of uneasiness, tiredness, […]

Retina Detachment

September 6, 2016 J Weeks 0

A medical emergency, to say the least. It is the condition when the retina of the eye breaks away from its support, causing blindness, if […]


September 5, 2016 J Weeks 0

Rhabdomyolysis, literally pronounced as rhab·do·my·ol·y·sis, is a disorder which damages the integrity of the sarcolemma of skeletal muscles which results in the release of myoglobin […]

Round Ligament Pain

September 4, 2016 J Weeks 0

The uterus which is surrounded by round ligaments tends to grow during pregnancy. As a result of that, the ligaments thicken and stretch to support […]



September 4, 2016 J Weeks 0

Sarcoptes scabiei are mites or parasites that may be invisible to the naked eye, but causes immense damage to the human skin. These eight legged […]

Skin Bleaching

Skin Bleaching & Its Effects

September 3, 2016 J Weeks 0

In skin bleaching, a person uses different chemical substances to lighten the skin tone and reduce the percentage of melanin. Skin beaching has become quite […]